Humboldt Indians


Humboldt’s nickname was formerly the “Indians.” After four years of debate the school board changed the school's name and new logo to the Hawks, starting in the 1992–1993 school year.

Jim Fritsche was a professional basketball player in the NBA (1953–55).[60][61]

Dave Hanson, NHL/WHA player most famous for his role in the 1977 movie Slap Shot

Rollie Seltz, former professional basketball player in the NBA.[63

Ken Yackel (1949) was an Olympic and professional hockey player who was inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.[65]

In 1977, the conference added four private schools from the Saint Paul area: CretinDerham HallHill-Murray and St. Thomas Academy. The decision to admit the schools had mixed support. The Saint Paul School Board approved the addition 7-0 while the St. Paul Athletic Council voted against the addition as well as the City Conference Coaches 95-4. 

Mascot Humboldt's teams were formerly stylized as the "Indians". School officials spent months deciding whether to change the school's team name and mascot due to the continuing Native American mascot controversy.[48] In 1988, the school's Parent/Community Advisory Committee decided to keep the name after a 555 to 64 vote (90%).[49] The school then proceeded to add an Indian education curriculum.[50] There were several attempts to convince the Saint Paul School Board to keep the mascot.[51][52] In 1989, a committee of the school board asked that Humboldt change its logo after the State Board of Education requested all schools in Minnesota change their mascots. Local American Indians viewed the mascot as a "symbol of ethnic and community pride". A week later the school board required Humboldt to change its mascot.[53][54] The school hosted several rallies to try to save the mascot and held walk outs led by Native American students.[55][56] After the district asked the state Department of Education for assistance the state department deferred the decision to the district. The district then deferred the change to the community who voted to keep the mascot. The school board attempted to change the mascot again in 1992, when almost 88% of the school's Native American students voted to keep the name.[57] After four years the school board changed the school's name with the new logo, the Hawks, being used in the 1992–1993 school year.[58][59]

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