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School days are often some of the best years of our lives. We wore school shirts, jackets, jerseys and other clothing with pride, featuring traditional mascots and colors. Much has changed over the years – some schools have closed or changed mascots due to concerns over being offensive. What if you could relive those glory days again with custom nostalgic apparel sporting original mascots and colors? You can! Remember When Sports is dedicated to re-creating your favorite school apparel from the past so history doesn’t completely fade away.

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What do you remember most from the school that you went to as a kid?  The logos you remember from your childhood become more nostalgic  as we grow older. We identify with certain logos/teams. I for one still prefer the Minnesota North Stars vs the Minnesota Wild. This site is dedicated to  schools that for whatever reasons changed their mascots or closed over the years. The  focus is to Bring back wonderful  memories and to preserve  traditions. Our past matters.

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